Comic Grading & Professional Services

Why Grade My Comics?

Grading your comics is great for a multitude of reasons - it helps you protect your treasured possessions, boost their value & increase confidence in their condition!

How Do I Grade My Comics?

Every comic we have available on our site is eligible for grading!  Already have a book you want graded?  You can stop in to our store any time during business hours and one of our associates will be more than happy to help you, or you can contact us for mail in options!


Do you offer additional comic services?

Absolutely!  We offer pressing & dry cleaning services on any of your submissions.  Both are safe, industry accepted methods to boost the value of your books and achieve the maximum grade possible.  The cost varies depending on the scope of work required.


How Much Does It Cost To Get My Books Graded?


  Max Value Per Book Fee Per Book
Express $3,000 $140
Standard $1,000 $90
Economy $400

Fast Track: +$15

Modern (1975-Date) $400 $35
Fast Track: +$15


There are also shipping & return shipping fees as well as invoice fees that will be calculated at the time of submission.



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