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Star Wars #6 (09/16/2020)

Star Wars #6 (09/16/2020)

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(W) Soule, Charles (A) Saiz, Jesus (C) Silva, R. B.
StockID: 145723 Diamond#: MAR201070

THE PATH TO JEDI WISDOMOR A DEADLY TRAP OF THE DARK SIDE? THE FORCE led LUKE SKYWALKER to someone who can provide him with great insight into the path to JEDI wisdom But their meeting will change Skywalker FOREVER. Luke thought his duel against his father- Darth Vader- was the ultimate test. But Luke's trials have only just begun. The galaxy needs Luke Skywalker. And a Jedi needs a weapon! Meanwhile- Vader continues his search for his long-lost son- and the REBEL ALLIANCE finds itself on the verge of a losing all hope. Rated T

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