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ATV Quad Power Racing

ATV Quad Power Racing

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Hit the dirt with the only quad racing game available! Power slide, roll over, crash and take on the competition in rough terrain with ATV: Quad Power Racing!

ATV: Quad Power Racing introduces to the PlayStation the slightly unusual sport of four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle racing.

The game includes three different terrain types (forest, desert and ice) with four tracks each. There are Amateur and Pro Championships for every terrain type, with Amateur and Pro tracks differing slightly. The Amateur trophy has to be won to unlock the respective Pro circuit. Players can select from six different riders and at the start there are two quads per terrain available to choose from. Winning each Amateur circuit unlocks two more per terrain and winning everything unlocks the best quad in the game.

Gameplay is seen from either 3rd (behind the quad) or 1st person perspectives and players can select from manual or automatic transmission. The quad and the rider are controlled independently from each other: the right analog stick steers the quad while the left stick is used for leaning the rider, which is important while cornering: incorrect leaning can lead to the rider being thrown off, losing valuable time.

Besides the Championship mode, there are Single Race, Time Trial and Two-Player modes. Tracks and quads to be used in those modes have to be unlocked via winning Championship races first.

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