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Chopping Block #2 Cvr E 6 Copy Incv Abattoir (Net) (02/22/2023)

Chopping Block #2 Cvr E 6 Copy Incv Abattoir (Net) (02/22/2023)

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"Wherever you go, may you go with your heart," they say. But what if your heart has been exchanged for an eldritch horror, bane of the forsaken and herald of world-ending terror? After an unfortunate workplace incident, local psycho-killer Butch R. Mann finds himself harboring just such a dimensional hitchhiker, much to his mother's chagrin. Suffering abounds on our journey to find out what is to become of Butch, and what seems to have Mother's knickers all in a bunch this time. Parents... you'd think once they're dead, they'd be easier to please.

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