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Ford Mustang The Legend Lives

Ford Mustang The Legend Lives

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Since April of 1964 the Ford Mustang has sold over 8 million vehicles and has generated a strong following of enthusiasts, aftermarket manufacturers, websites, and publications - all dedicated to this iconic vehicle. "Ford Mustang" provides incredible graphics and "pick up and play" gameplay - at a value price. Drive the hottest cars from the 40 year history of the Mustang on 22 tracks in 7 U.S. cities. Features 40 incredibly rendered production, concept and racing models from 1964 to 2005. Choose from a diverse set of 22 accurately modeled, lifelike racing environments in 7 cities from across the USA. Arcade-style racing physics and realistic AI, from opponents as well as from obstacle traffic. Compete in "coin-op" style Challenges or Career Mode to unlock new cars, tracks and game modes while testing your skills to the limit. Split screen Multiplayer support for Head-to-Head racing.

The Ford Mustang is featured in its very own game, as players can choose from 40 different models ranging from the original 1964 Mustang all the way up to the 2005 version. Career mode and "coin-op" Challenges provide a test of driver skill as you unlock new cars and tracks, all while racing against AI drivers and dealing with traffic. New York City is one of seven U.S. cities you will race through, with 22 different layouts overall. Multi-player is supported for 2 players.

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