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Pierce Brown Red Rising Son Of Ares Sgn Ed Hc Vol 03 (05/31/2023)

Pierce Brown Red Rising Son Of Ares Sgn Ed Hc Vol 03 (05/31/2023)

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The third and final book in the Red Rising Graphic Novel series is here! The last two entries into the Sons of Ares had Fitchner on his heels. In the first, he was driven by love and desperation to save his wife Brynn before her execution at the hands of the Board of Quality Control. Then, in book two, Fitchner went head to head with both of his early allies - Arturius and Quicksilver. His wrath left Arturius dead and set back Quicksilver's dream of expanding exploration and human habitation to other stars. In Forbidden Song, Ares may not always be in control. But he has a plan - and it's a doozy.  FORBIDDEN SONG is one part Ocean's 11, one part Les Miserable, and it sets the fuse for the Rising that Darrow will inherit. This special edition is signed by Pierce Brown!

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