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Beyondtopia Legends #3 (03/15/2023)

Beyondtopia Legends #3 (03/15/2023)

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Don't miss the last batch of stories from the Mystic Universe as the End is only the beginning for BEYONDTOPIA: LEGENDS!

You think you've seen it all? Think again! This issue is packed with five more legendary stories plus a secret epilogue drawn by series mastermind Bryan Valenza an co-written with Henry Barajas.

- THE SOUTH COAST KING! After the apocalypse, the world is sent back to medieval times. Legend says a mystical sword shall be returned to the one who will unite the entire kingdom. Can a family of believers find this King?

- NON-FIGHTER TOURNAMENT! In this world, Fighting in the ring is the only way to solve problems and also earn money. As exciting as professional fighting is, isn't it more exciting to see ordinary people fight?

- GRASSHOPPER GUY! When a weapons maker manages to combine human intelligence with animal instincts, is it a breakthrough for human kind or a recipe for disaster?

- AERTHA! In a realm called Aertha, Six different tribes living deep in the abyss of the Earth are experiencing a plague they thought had been gone for hundreds of years.

- GOLDBLOOD AND THE LEGION OF TITANS! A mythical war could erupt between House Goldblood and The Legion of Titans. The Legion wants to lure Asuri Goldblood to their side, gathering all the descendants of the Titans to start their war. With Ghatot joining forces with Asuri, can they manage to win this war and put an end to all conflicts?

Beyondtopia Legends#3 features a cover from up and coming sensational artist ANN MAULINA.
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