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Ex Yakuza & Stray Kitten Gn Vol 03 (C: 0-1-1) (7/19/2023)

Ex Yakuza & Stray Kitten Gn Vol 03 (C: 0-1-1) (7/19/2023)

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One cold and rainy winter's day, a tiny kitten named Sabu is abandoned on the side of the road. When Sabu is rescued by Jin, a retired yakuza boss, the poor kitten fears things have gone from bad to worse-and that this would-be savior has murder on his mind! Yet beneath Jin's scarred hands and scary face lies a sweet man who loves pampering kitties with baths, bottle-feedings, and whatever else his tiny companion needs. Be sure to get your paws on this hilariously adorable tale about an unlikely pet pair!

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