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Spriggan: Dlx Ed Gn Vol 02 (C: 0-1-1) (11/23/2022)

Spriggan: Dlx Ed Gn Vol 02 (C: 0-1-1) (11/23/2022)

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In the waning years of the Cold War era, national governments and paramilitary forces are in a race to uncover the relics of an ancient civilization that once ruled the Earth. The technology holds seemingly miraculous powers, but in the wrong hands, this power could spell disaster. Only the ARCAM Corporation's elite special operatives, the SPRIGGAN, have what it takes to stand up against an international rogue's gallery of power-hungry cyborgs and gunmen who covet ultimate power. Brash and fearless Ominae Yu, a teenage SPRIGGAN equipped with ARCAM's strongest power armor, will do whatever it takes to keep the past's forbidden legacy buried away!

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