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Magic The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering - Wilds of Eldraine - Collector Booster

Magic: The Gathering - Wilds of Eldraine - Collector Booster

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Fairy Tales with a Twist

A Wicked Slumber creeps through the land of Eldraine, turning Magic’s beloved fairy tale world into something more . . . twisted.

Set out into the Wilds and tell your own unique story featuring classic fairy tale characters like you’ve never seen before.

Fight for Your Fairy Tale Ending
Build decks around your favorite fairy tale characters and tropes with powerful tools like the new roles and bargain mechanics. And show off your skills in true storybook fashion with the much-anticipated return of adventure cards and sagas.

Enchanting Special Treatments
Add some fairy tale magic to your collection with Enchanting Tales cards from throughout Magic’s history—get at least one in every Draft and Set Booster or at least three in every Collector Booster.

And bring Eldraine to life with full-art showcase lands that look straight out of a colorful popup book—find one in some Draft and Set Boosters or get one Traditional Foil in every Collector Booster.

What’s a Collector Booster?
Collector Boosters are a shortcut to the coolest cards in a set with packs full of Rare cards, shiny foil cards, and special alt-art, alt-frame cards.

Some special card treatments can only be found in Collector Boosters, including Extended-Art cards, unique foil treatments, and Serialized cards.

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