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Manga Z #13 (C: 0-0-1) (06/28/2023)

Manga Z #13 (C: 0-0-1) (06/28/2023)

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"The Adventures of Lenifille" (Kazuaki Ishida): At the edge of the Zephyr Wood, Kyle attempts to claim vengeance on Jad, the bounty hunter/assassin who had helped in the capture of Sylka and Lenifille.  But can he survive such a deadly, experienced foe?   "Foxy and Wolfy" (Kitsune Windsor, Komoriuta Kitsune, Anthony Zicari, MitsuBlinger): Foxy and Wolfy play wheelchair rugby with a new friend, and the real battle begins!  Doom and gloom from two directions!  Triumph and failures abound!

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