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Ladydarke #3 (Of 5) Cvr B Priscilla Petraites (05/17/2023)

Ladydarke #3 (Of 5) Cvr B Priscilla Petraites (05/17/2023)

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Darke beginnings continues! After a devastating battle with the demon Bloodfyst, Laura Lenox is lost and adrift in the mystical Darke realms! Can Laura find her way back to reality, and if she does, will there be any Laura left, or will only Ladydarke remain? Plus, the survivors of Slate City crawl through the wreckage as the mysterious bounty hunter Shadow Shot makes his debut. All this and a shocking transformation that will leave you howling for more! Don't miss the hot new supernatural superhero series critics are calling "an exceptional comic that's not to be missed."

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