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Liquid Kill #4 (Of 6) Cvr D Knott Virgin (Mr) (05/10/2023)

Liquid Kill #4 (Of 6) Cvr D Knott Virgin (Mr) (05/10/2023)

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Philip Knott's (IDW's Transformers) main cover presented as a sans dress variant.

LIQUID KILL follows sadist-slaughtering vigilantes as they encounter pure evil in a blood-soaked cyberpunk future (à la GHOST IN THE SHELL meets JOHN WICK) written by the creators of the critically-acclaimed series IT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT and artist Gabriel Iumazark (Boom! Studios).

Kai and the others have found an entrance to a hidden section of the hotel, but when their hostages refuse to help them further, their ruthlessness is put on full display.

As the horrified hotel guests watch this play out, new problems suddenly arise. A sort of... creature is loose on the island, and it's coming for them.
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