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The Exiled #5 (Of 6) Cvr A Asevedo (Mr) (05/31/2023)

The Exiled #5 (Of 6) Cvr A Asevedo (Mr) (05/31/2023)

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Heavy Metal artist Preston Asevedo continues to bring his epic style to the world of The Exiled.

WESLEY SNIPES (The producer and star of the Blade franchise) presents his original series, THE EXILED, a genre-bending Sci-Fi Noir described as "Seven meets Blade Runner."

Roach ventures underground to uncover the Serial Killer's hidden lair, but instead finds a race of alien refugees that have been on Earth for five-thousand years. The C.O.R.E. believes Roach has betrayed them, and Gentry initiates OPERATION PURGE, which will exterminate all alien life on the planet.
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