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New Chessmaster

New Chessmaster

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Now you can take the ultimate chess partner with you wherever you go - and never lose a piece - with THE NEW CHESSMASTER, the world's finest interactive chess program! With 16 levels and a teaching mode, The New Chessmaster is the perfect companion, adversary and instructor for any chess player, from novice to expert!

This special edition of The New Chessmaster has been designed for faster, more competitive play and includes extraordinary features like:
- 16 levels, from Newcomer to Grandmaster
- Play against the computer or a human opponent
- Teaching Mode displays all possible moves
- Pause option stops play and lets you continue later without resetting the chessboard
- Set up pieces in any position to play, analyze or solve chess problems
- Takeback/Reply option lets you review past moves for analysis - all the way back to the beginning of the game, then forward again

Now you can play, practice or challenge The New Chessmaster anywhere you of all you'll never lose a piece!
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