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Exciting Comics #20 (06/01/2022)

Exciting Comics #20 (06/01/2022)

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NOW 40 PAGES!  "Nothing-man" (N.S. Kane, John A. Rhodes, P.H. Fuller): Diana and Firecracker are trapped by the Coalition and fear all is lost.  Just as they seem to have escaped capture, Nothing-Man is once again transformed into the villain Insidious! "Nyobi: Birthright" (Larry Higgins, Samir Simão): Ariel and Nyobi both realize there are dire consequences for their actions in this shocking conclusion.  "Fallen Justice" (Cary Kelley, Steven Forbes, Harold Edge): Justice Theta has declared war on the villains of the world as he paves a path of destruction!  However, the war will have unintended consequences and collateral damage.  Who will ultimately pay?

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