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Land Of The Dead Lessons From Underworld Gn (C: 0-1-0) (01/25/2023)

Land Of The Dead Lessons From Underworld Gn (C: 0-1-0) (01/25/2023)

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From Brian McDonald, storyteller extraordinaire, comes a remarkable non-fiction graphic novel about the art of storytelling. There is wisdom in the land of the dead, for it is the place that all stories lay to rest. And what is a story, if not a simulation of survival? Wielding his massive experience from film, tv, comics, and more, Brian McDonald lays out a history of storytelling and shows the reader how the best tales tug at our truest biological instinct: the need to survive. Readers will see how different forms of survival-physical, emotional, spiritual-inform the arc of character development in a way that makes them more complex and compelling. And how plot and circumstance must then force your protagonist to meet their worst nightmare. Toby Cypress's electric art guides the reader through the underworld, visualizing each narrative masterpiece, and bringing the ideas to life. Whether you're in film, books, comics, or simply a story enthusiast, this book offers a way to see character development and the crafting of plot through the lens of human questions of morality and mortality.

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