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Rollcage Stage 2

Rollcage Stage 2

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This sequel to Rollcage can be considered as Wipeout on wheels. The game allows you to power your vehicle down tunnels at blistering speeds, riding upside down on the roof if need be, and blast your fellow competitors to smithereens!

There are new and improved weapons - including the ability to double up your arsenal; picking up the same weapon twice improves its power/abilities. There are 12 racing modes - not all of which are available at the start - and many hidden bonuses, all of which can be unlocked throughout the game. The game has new physics and vehicle handling, and uses shorter tracks than its predecessor.
*65 circuits including 25 Scramble & 3 Pursuit tracks
*12 deadly weapons featuring Tazer Ram and Stasis Beam with 12 additional weapon upgrades to win
*20 indestructible cars to choose from with customizable paint jobs
*16 totally different types of game including Campaign, Pursuit, Demolition & Survivor modes
*5 new leagues ensuring ultimate long lasting gameplay experience
*Introducing all new Combat environments
Experience the mayhem of Rubble Soccer arena

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