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Playstation 2

Twisted Metal Head-On

Twisted Metal Head-On

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Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted Edition not only includes Twisted Metal: Head-On, but enhanced features, new levels, and tons of bonus content for the diehard Twisted Metal fan.

This is a conversion of the PSP version of Twisted Metal: Head-On, but with some differences. One of the changes is the inclusion of four lost levels of a new Twisted Metal game that was never finished (it was cancelled after six members of the production team died in a plane crash). It features the characters from Twisted Metal: Black, but with new stories (unfortunately, no endings were done for them) and two extra characters, 12-Pak and Gold Tooth. The levels are a massive suburban area, a giant stadium, a local carnival and a ship yard.

Another feature is the ability to walk around in an asylum as Sweet Tooth, a feature that was being worked on for the new Twisted Metal that was going to be used for character based foot missions. In it you can roam the asylum and collect Sweet Tooth shaped heads that include facts about the history of the Twisted Metal series.

Includes documentaries of the history of Twisted Metal and live action videos of endings for the original Twisted Metal on the Playstation that looks like old, worn out videotape, some of which have completely different endings from the final versions, even making Sweet Tooth sound almost like Mick "Mankind" Foley of WWE/WWF fame.

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