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Playstation 3

Uncharted & Uncharted 2 Dual Pack

Uncharted & Uncharted 2 Dual Pack

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SIC PARVIS MAGNA Those are the famous words etched into Nathan Drake's ring famously adorned around his neck. Handed down to him from his ancestor, Sir Francis Drake, who's mantra this was, Drake's ring serves as a constant reminder of the meaning these words hold, and also of his birthright to greatness, something which Nate endlessly searches for SIC PARVIS MAGNA - GREATNESS FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS!

Created and developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system by award-winning development studio, Naughty Dog, and inspired by some of the greatest action-adventure movies of all time, the UNCHARTED video game franchise is the only game franchise - on any system - that can provide the experience of actually "playing" a summer Hollywood blockbuster film! Winner of over 300 industry awards including over 200 GAME OF THE YEAR awards, and earning over 41 perfect review scores, UNCHARTED: Drake's Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system, are the MUST HAVE experiences that gamers, and movie-lovers alike, can agree are second to none!

Now you can get both of Drake's first two breathtaking adventures, in one amazing collected set, the UNCHARTED Greatest Hits Dual Pack!
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